Our 3 unique conference rooms are available for reservations. During unreserved times, open gaming is welcome. To reserve a room, email us at webmaster@arsenalgameroom.com

Dungeon Room



Seats 12-15 have a party in a 100-year-old subterranean room. This eerie setting will surely put you in the mood for your special event. This below grade room is the foundation for the historical building above. The Arsenal Game Room building has been dated to the early 1900's

Board Room



Seats 25-30. By day this room could be a professional meeting place. After hours a transition occurs to a maze of board games. The boardroom can have many uses. A large dry erase board for presentations or keep score of your favorite competition. HD TV to watch a favorite sporting event or movie. Reserve this room for a birthday party, anniversary, wedding/baby shower, or a euchre tournament.

War Room


Seats 16-18. Kick back in a military-themed camouflage room with your friends for a great game. With several square tables that push together, this room is perfect for those large miniature wargames!